Prada Plus One, Part 1: Sofia


Garance Doré




Waaaooooahhhh! Erik and I are in Milan!!! Our very first time! And our verrryyyyy first Prada!! So, to inaugurate the experience, we spent the day with a world traveler who not only knows Milan, but knows a thing or two about pushing the limits of mixing colors, prints and textures to the max… la bella Sofia.

What could possibly be a better way to start our trip than at the VERY first (hey, look: ANOTHER first!) Prada store, which opened its immaculate doors in 1913, to what I can only assume were very smartly dressed customers and nestled into the famous Galleria Milano – or the “the living room of Milan”. We showed up in THE best versions of ourselves to help Sofia pick the right look for the show. It wasn’t easy by the way, from a paillette covered dress to a brilliantly pop-colored bunny slash rocket print, the possibilities were infinite… As were the enviable combinations one could put together.

There’s something about Milan which really makes you feel like you understand the world that is Prada. How, suddenly, there could be no other way than to wear a grommet-covered nylon jacket, with a red chevron sweater vest and striped patent mini skirt – and, yeah, okay, also striped socks with your sandals because its actually freezing and one more print feels oh-so right!

A girl who effortlessly harmoizes her wardrobe so frequently often finds herself in good company in the front row, which is where the next part of our journey takes us…. to the show!

Check back later to find out how Erik is now BFF with Miuccia Madame Prada….